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Providing high-quality nutritional supplements for livestock.

Rod’s Livestock Nutrition is a South Australian family-owned business that provides high-quality nutritional supplements for livestock.

Formulated to suit different regions and climates, Rod’s Livestock Nutrition products help achieve the best nutritional results for your livestock.

Our Products

Our products are manufactured to the industry’s leading feed quality assurance program, FeedSafe. Rod’s Livestock Nutrition products are manufactured using the best ingredients available.
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Stock Blocks

Rod’s Livestock Nutrition Stock Blocks are manufactured from only the best ingredients and contain no restricted animal material. Our blocks are the most economical way to supplement your animals.

We manufacture several different blocks to suit a variety of situations.

Feedlot & Pellets

Rod’s Feedlot products have been specifically designed to be added to a feed ration to provide a balanced blend of essential minerals, microminerals and vitamins.

The Ultra range of Feedlot products also contains yeasts which can assist with feed efficiency of the ration. The yeasts will also assist to stabilise the rumen environment, will favour the positive rumen bugs, and assist with the adaptation to a new ration (during induction in the feedlot).

Loose Mix

Rod’s Loose Mixes allow a flexible formulation of ingredients to provide sheep and cattle with the specific ingredients they require per day during different production times throughout the year. As they are loose formulations, they generally contain lower salt and molasses (as no specific ingredients are required to bind the product together like blocks). They are specifically formulated, based on daily salt requirements, to provide high levels of macro minerals, micro minerals and vitamins to improve production in your livestock enterprise.

Loose mixes can be delivered around the paddock in various containers – it is advised to allow one delivery point per 100 head of sheep and per 40 head of cattle. Rod’s loose mixes are all waterproof formulations and are available in 20kg & 25kg or Bulka bags on request.

Ultra Loose Mix

Rod’s Ultra Range of Loose mixes is a range of higher specification loose licks for areas with greater micromineral deficiencies (i.e coastal) or when trying to improve production. They will supply higher levels of vitamins and microminerals when most required with pregnant, lactating animals or growing animals.

The Ultra Range of products contains chelated micro-minerals which are more readily absorbed by animals and are not affected by interactions with other minerals. Chelated minerals are minerals already pre-bound to a chelating agent so when they are digested, they do not have sites available to absorb and interact with other minerals. This means more of the chelated mineral can be absorbed and utilised by the animal which can enhance the performance of animals where you are trying to maximise growth or production.

Molasses & Molafos

Molasses is a viscous liquid with a high sugar content which makes a very good source of quick energy for ruminants. Microbes in the rumen break down the sugars in molasses rapidly which causes a rapid release of energy. Molasses also contains minerals useful for sheep and beef.

Molafos is a dry-feed / drought supplement to grazing cattle, sheep and goats on mature pasture, stubble or forage crops. It’s fed as a production supplement starting early in a dry season while there is a good body of forage available. It’s also used as a supplement for backgrounding cattle to get stock onto feed sooner and as a post-weaning supplement with hay and or grain for calves and lambs.

Custom Blocks

Rod’s Stock Blocks can make blocks to suit your individual requirements. The current minimum order is one Tonne (60 blocks).

Need more protein? No Copper? No problem! Give us a call to discuss. We advise you to talk with your animal nutritionist to see what best suits your needs.